LED animated scarf

Powered by an Arduino Pro mini and individually addressable LEDs, this animated scarf runs for hours off a small lithium rechargeable battery and charges from a USB port.


We were traveling to Austin, TX for a regional Burning Man festival and wanted to make flashy LED wearables to impress our friends. Furry material diffuses the LEDs nicely and the flexible LED strip has held up to a fair amount of abuse. I programmed the animations and built the hardware. Marissa made the scarves.


My github.

The animation engine is somewhat sophisticated. It is able to have multiple animations playing at once so they can move through each other adding together like waves when superimposed. FastLED then handles displaying each frame on the strip.


  • SparkFun Arduino Pro Mini
  • individually addressable LED strip – expecting 5v for data and power but 3.3v to 3.7v from the LiPo battery seems to work fine
  • lithium polymer (LiPo) battery 3.7v nominal, 4.1v max
  • LiPo charger takes 5v USB input