Handmade diamond nanoleaf replica

Gorgeous wall art, 3D printed, soothing animations, soothing color palette, handmade paper. Created using software that lets the user control the lighting with a high degree of control. 3D printed frames and bezels harmonize with handmade paper


  • WLED [https://kno.wled.ge/]
  • ESP8266
  • WEMOS Lolin D1 mini [https://www.wemos.cc/en/latest/d1/d1_mini.html]
  • WS2812 strip LEDs
  • Can be powered from USB power brick or AC adapter.

The build:

  • Printed leafs scaled to 90% to fit on my revived LulzBot mini. Scaled in x and y but not z because LED strip still had to fit.
  • Hand wired led strips. Around 75 solder connections.
  • Built support circuit for D1 mini and cabled to power supply.
  • Cut and glued paper diffusers for leaves.

Future additions:

Codebase supports MQTT control of the lighting so make remote buttons or other controls to change different presets or effects.